About Us

ZYLARRA® was created out of a passion and need to make a product I love to use better.

I usually wear nail polish and normally do my own nails.  When the pandemic hit, like everyone else, I started to look at everything I did, how I kept things clean, and where and what products I was using. I was busy washing my hands, using hand sanitizer but only changing out my nail polish around once a week. I started to think that about what germs were still on my hands and on my nails.  

The pandemic made me a little bit of a germophobe, but I couldn’t find any nail products that killed germs and helped keep my nails clean. I didn’t want to stop using nail polish, so I decided to create the type of product I was looking for. Working with a locally based world-renowned chemist, we figured out a way to add antimicrobial ingredients to nail polish so that it continues to kill germs as long as the product stays on your fingernails.

All ZYLARRA products are blended and filled in the US. And while I can’t promise that using ZYLARRA will prevent you from getting sick, I can promise that ZYLARRA nail products do more to keep your nails looking great and staying clean than what you’re using today.

I’d love for you to give ZYLARRA a try, minimize the germs on your fingertips and have great looking nails at the same time! Let me know what you think.


Ann Marshall

Founder & CEO of ZYLARRA