Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Products

ZYLARRA products contain an antimicrobial additive that utilizes the natural antimicrobial properties of ionic silver, an antimicrobial that has been used in household products and textiles for decades.

Our GLOSS and MATTE Topcoats will remain on your nails for approx. 7 days with normal activities, lasting as long as most other top coats you may have used. STRENGTH is designed to be applied on bare nails only and may begin to show signs of wear after 5 days.

The antimicrobial properties of ZYLARRA products continue to work as long as the product remains on your nails. The antimicrobial ingredients are embedded in our products. When properly stored (with the cap closed and in a cool, dark place) our products are formulated to remain usable for 18 months.

ZYLARRA products contain an antimicrobial additive to combat the growth of harmful microorganisms on your fingernails.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers reduce the number of microbes on your hands, but sanitizers do not eliminate all types of germs. ZYLARRA remains on your fingernails to continue to fight germs that may remain. ZYLARRA should be used in addition to and not in place of standard hand hygiene practices.

While there is no way to “see” that the product is working to kill germs and bacteria, we have tested our formulations to ensure that the antimicrobial ingredients remain working as long as ZYLARRA remains on your nails.

ZYLARRA nail top coats and treatment products stay on your nails and are the perfect complement to your hand hygiene routine. ZYLARRA does not replace normal hand washing. It is recommended you routinely wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

Our topcoats are designed to complement and be used in addition to and on top of your favorite-colored polish. The antimicrobial ingredients in ZYLARRA need to be on the outer most surface of your nail in order to come in contact with any germs or bacteria.

No, ZYLARRA products are not designed to treat nail fungus and do not replace any prescription or treatments that may be recommended or prescribed by your health care provider.

ZYLARRA products reduce the germs and bacteria on your fingertips but do not prevent, cure or treat any disease.


Product Usage

ZYLARRA GLOSS and MATTE can be used in place of a regular air-dry top coat. ZYLARRA STRENGTH is designed to be applied on bare, natural nails.

You can remove ZYLARRA products with your favorite non-acetone nail polish remover.

When you follow the correct steps, you can safely apply ZYLARRA over a gel manicure without ruining it. When painting over a gel manicure, you first need to prep the existing gel to get it ready. Gel top coat is too slick to simply paint over. So, before applying ZYLARRA GLOSS or ZYLARRA MATTE, you’ll need to use an emery board to lightly buff the surface of your gel top coat for ZYALRRA top coats to adhere properly.

Yes, however dip nails can be a little tricky as there are many different types of dip systems and products – there are two methods that normally work:

  1. Use ZYLARRA GLOSS in place of the second layer of top coat that comes with your system, applying immediately after the first layer of top coat
  2. Skip the 2nd activator layer and apply two to three thin coats of ZYLARRA GLOSS, do not apply try to apply one thick coat.

If you want to test out our top coat with activator, it is recommended that you try it out on a test swatch. Wait until it’s dry and then apply ZYLARRA GLOSS to get the swatch wet. If the top coat doesn’t seize up, you’re good.

It is not recommended to use ZYLARRA MATTE on a dip manicure as the formulation has a good chance of seizing up.