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ZYLARRA strength Antimicrobial nail treatment

This antimicrobial strength treatment creates an almost invisible, strong, protective shield over your nails. Dries to leave a clear satin finish on your nails.

Contains Vitamins B5 and C to nourish, hydrate, and protect your nails and biotin to help stimulate the formation of the nails' keratin.

Contains a natural, metallic antimicrobial that's been used for centuries to help keep germs off your nails.

Great for both men and women.

Use alone on bare nails.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jenna McBride
Simply amazing

I have been painting my own nails for years. I recently took a break because my nails were brittle. I was told about strength nail products. A friend who had bought and used Zylarra and was amazed by it, told me to try the strength product. I did and put it in my nails. Because it is clear, I did not pay much attention to my nails afterwards. About 2 weeks after using Zylarra, a friend asked me to help them move. It took all day. Afterwards, my friend commented on how nice my nails looked. I was stunned. They had all grown, they had lost the gray/yellow coloring and nothing had chipped during the moving work. I will continue to use Zylarra products. Their gloss is just as good and my kids love the matte. The added benefit is that the nail polishes also help with keeping our hands cleaner. That is such a nice feature that comes with a product I normally use anyway to make my nails look nice. Win win.

Megan F.
Worked amazing!

I have a tendency to bite my nails so I’m very happy to have this product. You can tell the strengthening works!